VARNER GUIDES — maps for road geeks.

guide adHowdy. I'm Steven Varner, and I research and design Varner Guide maps for fans of America's historic highways. I'm a road geek myself, and have travelled thousands of miles photographing, exploring, and researching historic auto trails and U.S. highways.
I design maps to be used on the road, ones I would want to use myself. They are simple, convenient to use, and as historically accurate as I can make them.
On a road trip, the road is your destination.
Varner Guides will help you get there.

updates flashSince road conditions can change, I've provided an updates page to inform you of both permanent and temporary changes to the road. In addition, new information on the historical path of the highway, and any map errors, will also be noted in updates.

souvenir ad imageTo let folks know how much fun you're having on your trip, and to remember your trip when you get back home, you may want to pick up a few curios on the cool souvenirs page. If you have items you'd like to see, please let me know.

This site is all about the Varner Guides, but if you'd like more information on America's historic highways and auto trails, please visit my educational site, AmericanRoads.us. There you'll find photos, history, articles, vintage maps, and many other things related to old roads in the U.S. The AmericanRoads forum is a great place to ask questions and post your own photos.